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olympus trip 35 and fujicolor c200 35mm film

The Accidental Olympus Trip

Olympus Trip 35 Exposed I cannot believe that it is 8 months since I accidentally bought my “newest” old Olympus Trip 35 in Christchurch, and I have only just completed running a roll of 36 exposure film through it. If it was a digital camera I would have shot off 36 exposures in about the same number of minutes – seconds even! The film I used was Fujicolor C200, a relatively inexpensive (off TradeMe) color […]

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A lone tree alongside the Waihopai Walkway, Invercargill

Out And About With The Olympus Trip 35

Lomography Film and The Olympus Trip 35 If you have been following my Daily Photo postings, you will have read a few days ago that I have just finished the last of six rolls of Lomography 800ASA colour negative film I purchased when I brought my old Canon EOS1000F back to life. You will also have read that this time around I had my local lab scan the developed images to JPEG, rather than to […]

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Halfmoon Bay, Oban, Stewart Island, New Zealand - Olympus Trip 35 batteries not included

Olympus Trip 35 – Batteries Not Included

Batteries Not Included One of the greatest things I like about the Olympus Trip 35 is that it comes “batteries not included” – because it needs none. The camera’s basic, but mostly accurate, exposure system is effectively solar powered – so don’t ask me how it works at night! (Kidding…) The first Olympus Trip 35 I purchased on trademe cost $50.00 including courier to get it to my door – and it needed a little […]

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the front door of an accountants office in invercargill new zealand

First Photos From My Olympus Trip 35

First Photos From My Olympus Trip 35 This was the first film that I had put through my new (but old) Olympus Trip 35 since I dismantled, cleaned and reassembled it. The Olympus Trip 35 has long had a reputation as being a robust, almost bulletproof camera, so I felt comfortable that it would work okay in principle. However I did have two main concerns as I was busy clicking the shutter, winding on, then clicking […]

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Under the lid of an Olympus Trip 35

A Trip Into The Unknown

A Trip Into The Unknown Imagine, if you can, a camera that has no batteries – yet has an automatic exposure mode; a camera with no self-timer; no white balance control; no auto-focus system; no display on the back; and no memory card slot….all in all a camera not designed with selfies in mind! This is a trip into the unknown! You don’t have to imagine such a camera because it really does exist. It is […]

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