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Dried grass blowing in the wind taken with hit or miss holga

Hit Or Miss Holga

Hit Or Miss Holga It was back in August last year that I first posted about the plastic fantastic Holga lens that I had acquired for my Nikon D5100. Because of the unpredictability of outcomes I have come to regard her as hit or miss Holga. Since that initial post one or two people have asked me why I put a cheap plastic lens on a sophisticated digital camera like the Nikon D5100. Well – […]

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clothespegs against a deep blue sky

The Quirky Art Of Lomography – Part 1

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on Lomography but a hobby photographer who has dabbled with the general style. Just as photographers seem to either love or hate HDR, so too is the case with lomography – a genre of photography that was inspired by the images produced by the original Russian made plastic LOMO camera, and subsequent other plastic “toy” cameras such as the Holga. The characteristics of Lomography are generally quirky, gritty, grainy, […]

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bula coffee served at zigzag cafe in prouds nadi

Bula – Postcards From Fiji

Fiji has long been a favourite destination of ours for relaxing holidays. On our first visit in the mid 1990s we fell in love with the happy, relaxed. smiling Fijian people and their wonderful greeting – Bula! Since that first visit when we went  to Beachcomber Island off the western coast of Viti Levu and the Warwick resort on the Coral Coat, we have been back three more times – to island hop in the Yasawa Islands; to the Naviti […]

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Back To The Future With Plastic Fantastic Holga

Recently I stumbled across a website that featured some galleries of lo-fi, quirky, over saturated, light-leaky, vignetted photographs that reminded me very much of the sort of photos I used to take back in the day with my Kodak Instamatic camera. It turned out be a genre of popular photography which I had not heard of – lomography – and I quite liked what I was seeing so stated to do a bit of Googling […]

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