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Trees reflected in the Otepuni Stream world photo day 2017

World Photo Day 2017

World Photo Day I joined a group of keen photographers – mostly members of the Southland Photographic Society – who headed out for a series of photowalks around Invercargill on Saturday to celebrate World Photo Day 2017. For some time now I have been working towards launching a redesign of this website to coincide with World Photo Day, and I managed it with a day or two to spare, so it is rather fitting to […]

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Love It Or Hate It – HDR Photography

Love it or hate it, HDR photography is an accepted, almost mainstream, style of photography. Whether HDR can be called a style or not is open to debate as it is more the post processing associated with multiple exposure images of the same subject. But this post is not about HDR photography – it is about whether or not people like images that have been processed to HDR, or by tone mapping. Many photographers rail against […]

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HDR effect on a pic of St Mary's Basilica

Invercargill Photowalk With Trey Ratcliff

At the tail end of October the Southland Photographic Society hosted an Invercargill photowalk with Trey Ratcliff. Not only was it the first time that Trey had led an Invercargill photowalk, but it was also the first organised photo taking outing I had attended. For those of you who haven’t heard of Trey, he is an adventurer, a traveller, an artist, a writer and a self-taught photographer who specialises in HDR photography Immediately after the Invercargill […]

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surreal ships graveyard greenpoint near bluff

Greenpoint Domain And Ship’s Graveyard

Greenpoint Domain And Ship’s Graveyard I spent most of the weekend just passed working in the garden as the weather was great. Unfortunately that left little time to get out and about to take some photos.  However at about 4pm on Sunday I did manage to get away and drove down to Greenpoint Domain and Ship’s Graveyard, about 20 minutes south of Invercargill. There is a deep water channel running between Greenpoint and Tikore Island […]

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