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Halfmoon Bay, Oban, Stewart Island, New Zealand - Olympus Trip 35 batteries not included

Olympus Trip 35 – Batteries Not Included

Batteries Not Included One of the greatest things I like about the Olympus Trip 35 is that it comes “batteries not included” – because it needs none. The camera’s basic, but mostly accurate, exposure system is effectively solar powered – so don’t ask me how it works at night! (Kidding…) The first Olympus Trip 35 I purchased on trademe cost $50.00 including courier to get it to my door – and it needed a little […]

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Under the lid of an Olympus Trip 35

A Trip Into The Unknown

A Trip Into The Unknown Imagine, if you can, a camera that has no batteries – yet has an automatic exposure mode; a camera with no self-timer; no white balance control; no auto-focus system; no display on the back; and no memory card slot….all in all a camera not designed with selfies in mind! This is a trip into the unknown! You don’t have to imagine such a camera because it really does exist. It is […]

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