Greenpoint Domain And Ship’s Graveyard

I spent most of the weekend just passed working in the garden as the weather was great. Unfortunately that left little time to get out and about to take some photos. 

However at about 4pm on Sunday I did manage to get away and drove down to Greenpoint Domain and Ship’s Graveyard, about 20 minutes south of Invercargill.

There is a deep water channel running between Greenpoint and Tikore Island just couple of hundred metres away. This channel was once used as the main access to the western side of the harbour, and eventually became used as a route to drive old Bluff fishing and oyster boats up onto the shore into what is known as “rotten row”. At low tide the remains of rotting hulks can be seen littering the area.

More recently a couple of still floating boats have been abandoned just off Greenpoint and these were the target of my camera yesterday.

two hulks roped together at the ships graveyard near bluff
ships graveyard greenpoint domain view from the boardwalk
View from the boardwalk
at greenpoint ships graveyard
At Greenpoint ships graveyard
surreal ships graveyard greenpoint near bluff

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