A bottle found on Oreti Beach

On1 Photo 10

On1 Photo 10 is one of the handful of photo processing apps I have on my computer. The main reason I like it is that so many different effects can be achieved with just the press of a few buttons. Here is a small selection of snapshots taken on Oreti Beach over Waitangi weekend. They were taken using my Fujifilm XF1 and each was processed with a series of presets available in On1 Photo 10. […]

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Digital Image Processing Software

There is a plethora of software – some free, some not – available for processing digital images. Free packages include GIMP, Irfan View, Nikon View NX2, amongst others; while non-free packages include the big names – Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, DxO Pro Optics , and so on. Over the past year or so I have downloaded and trialled virtually all of them. Adobe Photoshop – the full version – was too big and complex and expensive […]

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