Outdoor photos

ivy clings to a brick wall around door number 52

Photographer’s Block

I have been struggling with my photography for some time now. Since deciding late last year to not continue with my photo-a-day project (which was posted on my Facebook page) I seem to have been unable to focus (pun intended) on my hobby. Part of this is due to the fact that I haven’t got it clear in my own head what photography niche I want to be in. I like the freedom of expression that […]

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A bottle found on Oreti Beach

On1 Photo 10

On1 Photo 10 is one of the handful of photo processing apps I have on my computer. The main reason I like it is that so many different effects can be achieved with just the press of a few buttons. Here is a small selection of snapshots taken on Oreti Beach over Waitangi weekend. They were taken using my Fujifilm XF1 and each was processed with a series of presets available in On1 Photo 10. […]

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late afternoon sun over Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu

With a length of 80 kilometres, Lake Wakatipu is the longest, but only third largest, lake in New Zealand. This photograph, taken in early January 2013 from State Highway 6, catches the last of the days rays as the sun settles over the hills that down the western side of the lake to Kingston.

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diagonal insulators

Finding My Niche In Photography

First of all – what does the image to the left have to do with finding my niche in photography? Nothing really. It is just something I snapped the other day. I was asked by a co-worker this morning whether I liked taking photos of people or photos of scenery best. I didn’t really have an immediate answer but after a few seconds thought I told her that I was still finding my niche in photography. […]

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