Photo Editing Software For Beginners

Photo Editing Software For Beginners I don’t often go out on a limb and express my opinion about photography, but I found myself drawn into an interesting conversation on Facebook a few days ago. A member of a Facebook photography group I sometimes hang out in, asked the group members for some recommendations for a “good editing programme for beginners“. The replies started to come thick and fast, with most contributors recommending Lightroom and Photoshop […]

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Near Blenheim on SH63

What Value Should I Place On My Photos

When I took up photography again just over a year ago I really only did so as an amateur – a hobby photographer with no burning desire to make money from my images. A year on I still feel the same. I take photos and potter around with them, and post them on my website for my own pleasure. But something happened in mid-2013 that made me ask myself “what value should I place on […]

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