Dried grass blowing in the wind taken with hit or miss holga

Hit Or Miss Holga

Hit Or Miss Holga It was back in August last year that I first posted about the plastic fantastic Holga lens that I had acquired for my Nikon D5100. Because of the unpredictability of outcomes I have come to regard her as hit or miss Holga. Since that initial post one or two people have asked me why I put a cheap plastic lens on a sophisticated digital camera like the Nikon D5100. Well – […]

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Beyond the blue horizon fields of maize alongside state highway one

Fields Of Maize

On the way back from Dunedin yesterday the juxtaposition of the blue sky and green maize caught my attention. I also like the way the wheel tracks lead into, and out of, the pictures.  

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looking east towards the southern alps from lake matheson

The West Coast Of The South Island

One of the most photographed spots in the South Island would have to be Lake Matheson, just a few kilometres west of Fox Glacier township. Normally the peak of Mt Cook can be seen in the distance – but the day I took the photo above was overcast but still captures the mystical magical beauty that abounds up and down New Zealand’s West Coast – no matter what the weather. If you have never visited The Coast […]

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Bridge - 1964

What Sort Of Photos Do You Like To Take

A few days ago I met up with a friend who I hadn’t seen for several years as we live in different towns. I had forgotten that he too was very keen on photography like me, and I was momentarily lost for words when he asked what sort of photos do you like to take? I said I preferred taking landscape pictures more than anything else, simply because that is what I seem to have […]

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surreal ships graveyard greenpoint near bluff

Greenpoint Domain And Ship’s Graveyard

Greenpoint Domain And Ship’s Graveyard I spent most of the weekend just passed working in the garden as the weather was great. Unfortunately that left little time to get out and about to take some photos.  However at about 4pm on Sunday I did manage to get away and drove down to Greenpoint Domain and Ship’s Graveyard, about 20 minutes south of Invercargill. There is a deep water channel running between Greenpoint and Tikore Island […]

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late afternoon sun over Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu

With a length of 80 kilometres, Lake Wakatipu is the longest, but only third largest, lake in New Zealand. This photograph, taken in early January 2013 from State Highway 6, catches the last of the days rays as the sun settles over the hills that down the western side of the lake to Kingston.

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