Love It Or Hate It – HDR Photography

Love it or hate it, HDR photography is an accepted, almost mainstream, style of photography. Whether HDR can be called a style or not is open to debate as it is more the post processing associated with multiple exposure images of the same subject. But this post is not about HDR photography – it is about whether or not people like images that have been processed to HDR, or by tone mapping. Many photographers rail against […]

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The Ethos Of Queens Park Invercargill

Capturing  The Ethos of Queens Park We – by that I mean me and my partner Lyn, our two dogs and two cats – are lucky enough to live directly opposite Queens Park in Invercargill, and often quip that we have the most beautiful, best kept front garden in the city. The Invercargill City Council website refers to Queens Park as an “81ha jewel in the centre of the city” and in my view they […]

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