Cell phone photos

kingfisher beer sign outside an indian restaurant

Cobwebs And Kingfishers

Quite some time ago I wrote a post about the best camera is the one you have with you. A few nights ago takeaway Indian food was on the menu for tea, so off to Bombay Palace I headed and while I was waiting I had a wander around outside and snapped off a couple of pictures using my cellphone camera. Given the technical limitations of the camera some of the images will never see the […]

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a man takes a wee afternoon snooze on a seat in don street

The best camera is …

The well known photography quote “the best camera is the one you have with you” is widely attributed to American photographer Chase Jarvis. So I had that quote in mind when, a couple of weeks ago I had to  buy a new cell phone because I dropped my old one into a muddy puddle and it didn’t survive.  I know there are cellphones with cameras on the market that feature multiple megapixels, and now some can even […]

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Two doors - back entrance to an old building

Two Old Doors

I had to fork out for a new cellphone a few days ago after I dropped my old one in a muddy puddle. Have just been trying out the on-board camera with a few random shots around town…here is one I took a couple of days ago – with a little bit of a “touch-up” to give it a painted, pseudo HDR  effect using Photomatix Pro 5. If you know the car park beside The […]

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